The Solar Tax Credit Since the federal government’s approval for the 26% solar tax credit, installing solar panels on your home in Texas is picking up momentum, and it isn’t just for environmentalists anymore. As the popularity of solar increases, and the costs decrease, more and more people are choosing solar.

In fact, the average-sized system used to cost $13,109, but current average is now around $9,800 for a home. IRS Form 5695 – Download now. The investment tax credit (ITC), also known as the federal solar tax credit, has helped to grow the solar industry by 10,000% since it began in 2006, including an annual growth rate of 42% average annual growth in the last ten years. The 26% credit is very compelling for most homeowners, and the great news is that rate will continue through the end of 2022, at which time it decreases to 22%: 


Why hire Texas Powered by Solar? At Texas Powered by Solar, we are trying to lead with honesty and the lessons we’ve learned working at other Central Texas solar companies. We have seen what other companies have done to cut corners, and earn extra money, ultimately taking savings and tax credits from the consumer for their own benefit.

We strive to make renewable energy easier for every household in Texas, starting here in New Braunfels. We provide our customers, the  opportunity to have freedom in their utilities, as well as feel like they understand the process.  We know that for most people it is their biggest dream to live in their own house with beloved ones, peacefully. With our cost-effective & sustainable solar services, this dream is at your fingertips.

Less ERCOT, more freedom with Texas Powered by Solar With our solar panels, saving money and securing a fixed rate energy bill is only one incentive, being environmentally conscious and reducing your home’s reliance on the grid system (looking at you, ERCOT) are compelling reasons as well. 

TIP: Utilities and homeowners should always choose high-efficiency panels. The additional efficiency helps generate the same amount of electricity with fewer panels at work. Take the first step towards clean, renewable energy and experience the joy of energy freedom.